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PLOSE ate: permit and escort for abnormal transports in Italy

Dear visitors,
our company is member of 360 PAYMENT SOLUTIONS and we have over 30 years specialisation in obtaining the required permits and arranging the mandatory escorts for abnormal transport in Italy.


Driving bans for vehicles over 7.5 tons on the A22 brennero Highway on May 9, 20 and 30

The A22 Brenner highway has just announced the following driving bans for vehicles over 7.5 tons from Vipiteno to the Brenner border (North direction):   - From 00:00 to 22:00 on May 9,...

A5 Ivrea - Santhià ban on vehicles over 3.5t in both directions

Dear Costumer, Following the previous communication sent on 02/22/2024, we would like to provide further details and additions to ensure complete understanding. Unfortunately, as a result of...


After a thorough examination of the characteristics of your oversized load and of the itinerary our team will:

  • apply for the relevant requests  to the organisations and authorities that manage the motorways and the state, regional, provincial, municipal, cooperative and port roads that are to be involved during the transit;
  • forward the relevant requests to the companies that manage the railway networks and the level crossings, in case such will be crossed by an overhead and heavy haulage;
  • hasten the issue of the authorizations specified in the road regulations;
  • organize the obligatory escorts.

Where it will be necessary we will also:

  • conduct technical checks and feasibility studies on the condition of the route;
  • organize static review in accordance with the rules and requirements of the organizations and authorities that manage the roads and motorways involved during the transit;
  • organize the removing of mobile and fixed obstacles along the route.


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360° is a system offering complete assistance to foreigner operators, resulting...            


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PLOSE Sistem Servie S.p.A. is a European leader in providing international road transport companies with services related to the payment of tolls, of fuel and the recovery of foreign VAT and excise duties...

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