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Plose ATE

PLOSE ate: together we get through it

Over 30 years PLOSE ate has been providing international hauliers operating in the sector of abnormal transport with the services related to obtaining of the mandatory permits and arranging the escorts required for the implementation of the transport on the Italian territory.
Year after year PLOSE ate has been gaining the confidence of the clients throughout Europe.
This important result has been achieved in full compliance with own guidelines, which are able to satisfy equally companies in different size and nationality.




"We do not do anything exceptional, our success comes simply from the fact that we do normal things in an exceptional way".

Each abnormal transport differs from the further. For each transport every detail should be scrutinized and each stage  should be seen to: from the request of the permits till it reaches its destination.  



We have at our disposal the latest technology to meet the needs of the constantly developing market which enables us to communicate efficiently with our clients and in particular with public administrations and private associations following the way they run “online” the process of preparation and issuing the permits.





We do not have the "magic wand", but we do our best and offer you an over 30-year experience in the field.



Our motto is “to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes”  with the attention of the competent and multilingual staff to the needs of our clients.






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Expertise assured.

By land and by Sea.