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Notification of ANAS Milano: requirements for SS.36

Due to the road works on SS.36 between km 55+600 km and km 91+400 in both directions the following requirements apply: NEWS ss36
  1. the vehicle has to be escorted - information and costs on request - if:
    a. width > 2,80m and/or
    b. total length > 16,50 and/or
    c. front overhang of the goods > 2,50m and/or
    d. rear overhang of the goods > 4/10 of trailer/semitrailer
  2. if the width is >2.80 m, then it is obligatory to inform ANAS Milano about the date and time of the transit 3 working days beforehand via Fax +3903418201134 and via E-Mail cos.mi@stradeanas.it. Fax/E-Mail confirmation should be on the truck.

The notification of ANAS Milano should be enclosed with the permit of ANAS Milano.




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