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Non distance-related permits, indefinite number of transits max 20.00 x 3.00 x 4.50m x 45.00t (if technically permitted).
AUTHORIZED AREA: authorizations are valid on the local roads i.e excluding motorways in the following areas:

  • Territory and Catalonia
  • Basque Country (separate authorization)
  • Navarra (separate authorization)


  1. 1 tractor/truck and more semitrailers/trailers (identical construction).
  2. for Territory and Catalonia permits are valid for 2 years; for Basque Country  - 2 months; for Navarra - 1 month.
  3. transit during day and night.
  4. normally no escort required.

ATTENTION: the prescriptions of the authorities are always binding. Therefore no resposibility can be taken for this information.


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