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Non distance-related permits, indefinite number of transits max 25,00x3,50mx4,30mx50t (if technically permitted).



  1. Burgenland (administrative centre Eisenstadt)
  2. Carinthia (administrative centre Klagenfurt)
  3. Lower Austria (administrative centre St. Pölten)
  4. Upper Austria (administrative centre Linz)
  5. Salzburg (administrative centre Slazburg)
  6. Styria (administrative centre Graz)
  7. Tyrol (administrative centre Innsbruck)
  8. Vorarlberg (administrative centre Bregenz)
  9. Vienna 1

1 around Vienna: width max. 3,20m and height max. 4,20m



  1.  1 semitrailer/trailer
  2. more tractors. For example:
     i. tractors with max. 2 axles 50t if technically permitted
     ii. tractors with max. 3 axles 58t if technically permitted
  3. validity 1 year
  4. normally 80km/h except some limitations
  5. transit during day and night
  6. escort required:
     i. width >3m 
     ii. length >22m 
     iii. weight   >45t

NOTES: travelling without permits is possible if the rear overhang amounts to max. 1/4 of the semitrailers/trailers length provided that the length of the load does not ecxeed 16,00m (ex. Length of semitrailer 13,60m: theoretical rear overhang max. = 3,40m actual/authorized max. rear overhang = 2,40m (16,00m). In these cases the semitrailer/trailer must not be extended. It is absolutely necessary to put the rear overhang boards on the vehicles!


ATTENTION: the prescriptions of the highway authorities are always binding. Therefore no resposibility can be taken for this information.


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