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Non distance-related permits, indefinite number of transits max 20,00x3,00mx4,00mx41,80t (if technically permitted).





  1. 1 semitrailer/trailer and more tractors/trucks (identical construction) or 1 tractor/truck and more semitrailers/trailers (identical construction)
  2. validity 3 years
  3. normally 60km/h except some limitations
  4. transit during day and night
  5. normally no escort reqiured

TÜV: if you travel with a extended trailer/semitrailer or an excessive weight you have to undergo a safety inspection TÜV in order to get an authorization. Otherwise an insurance coverage of 25,10 Millions Euro will be required (“Gutachten”) .
The validity of a TÜV inspection for an empty vehicle is usually 3 years. The certificate for a loaded vehicle is valid only for an exact transport.
We can arrange a TÜV inspection at the borders of Kufstein, Brennero or Salzburg.

NOTES: travelling without permits is possible if the rear overhang amounts to max. 3,00m within 100 km from the border, otherwise of max. 1,50m.  In these cases the semitrailer/trailer must not be extended. It is absolutely necessary to put the rear overhang boards on the vehicles!

ATTENTION: the prescriptions of the highway authorities are always binding. Therefore no resposibility can be taken for this information.


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