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NEWS RELEASE DL September 10, 2021 n. 121 Art. 61 legal dimensions 18m

Dear Customer,


with Low Decree n. 121 of 10.09.2021 is among other things modified Art. 61 of the Highway Code (CdS) and in particular the gauge limit of an articulated truck goes from 16.50m to 18m. In this way, the total length of 18m can be reached without the need for authorization for abnormal transports.

The total length of 18m can be reached, for example:

  1. by vehicles alone such as a tractor for semi-trailer with a 15m semi-trailer, or
  2. by indivisible goods (as stated in Art. 164 paragraph 2 of the CdS) that with its rear overhang of e.g. 1.5m brings the total length of the loaded convoy to 18m. In this case the rear overhang must be indicated by protruding load panels.


ATTENTION: there are still situations that require clarification, such as for example:

  1. for extendable semi-trailers, if the vehicle plating certificate prescribes the obligation to be equipped with authorizations for abnormal vehicle when driving with extended semi-trailer; or
  2. if the vehicle's plating certificate states: "Only for transport of indivisible loads".


These and other requirement must be complied with as long as they are on the plating certificate.


It is possible that the adaptation to the EU directives and regulations on the maximum length of articulated lorries was made without taking into account all possible situations and clarifications will certainly follow.

At present, for example, it seems clear that it is not possible to reach 18 m with overhang and divisible load.




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