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There are more than 8.000 public and private authorities in Italy administering the entire road network. 

  • We contact the authorities in your name and apply for the specific permits you might need for your abnormal transports.
  • We collect and manage all the required paper work which is necessary for the request presented at the different administrators of the roads.
  • We suggest the most apropriate way for every single abnormal transport, always considering the most suitable alternatives for very demanding transports.
  • We handle all your abnormal transports, both permanent permits and transports passing 600.000 kg.



Organizing abnormal transports for us is more than obtaining permanent, single or multiple permits. It also includes:

  • permission to travel through road construction site
  • permission to remove roadworks
  • permit to use alternative routes in case it is not possible to drive along the authorized distance
  • permits to drive despite the ministerial driving ban or on certain days and hours which are unapproved
  • permit to move fixed or mobile obstacles to enable the passage of the abnormal transport
  • permit to cover a distance against the direction of travel
  • permit to close a stretch of the road to allow the abnormal transport to drive through
  • permit to park in public or private no parking areas during the loading and unloading
  • permit to set up a no parking in public or private places in order to enable the abnormal transport to maneuver
  • permit to achieve the release of vehicles blocked by the authorities
  • permission of being escorted by the police in case this is provided by the Italian Road Traffic Code

AUSTRIA               FRANCE
3D sondertransporte  

Authorizations in Austria have the following characteristics ...


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 3D convoi exceptionnel

There are various kinds of authorizations in Francia ...    


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GERMANY               SPAIN
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Non distince related permits in Germany ... 


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  3D oversize load

Authorizations in Spain have the following characteristics ...


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3D oversize load

For the rest of Europe ...


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Expertise assured.

By land and by Sea.